Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dock Bumpers/Protection - Style - Color - Options

Our options in outfitting our docks with protection is getting a style upgrade.  So many new products are available to us that we no longer have to install white bulky bumpers.  Of course, white is still an option and a preferred choice by many, but they are more streamlined and tailored to fit just about every section of your dock.  While the protectors still serve their primary purpose of protecting our dock and watercraft, it's become stylish and an addition to our outdoor setting.

Here are some new or improved products available:

Removable Chafe Guards fit 3/8" to 7/8" line (10 mm to 23 mm). Great for anchor lines or mooring pennants, where chafing through a line could cost you the boat. Velcro® brand hook fasteners on the inside of the guard grip the line securely; no need for additional strings or ties. 

These large, durable bumpers add an attractive and functionally rugged cushion to the leg pipes of your docking system.Place them on dock leg pipes over the mounting brackets to prevent damaging your watercraft from protruding bolts.  Available in the standard white, or Blue (as shown below) and Black.


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