Thursday, March 23, 2017

Water Games

Here in Florida we regularly visit sandbars located in the St Johns River where we join dozens of neighboring boaters for a relaxing day on the water.  Music.....laughter and just great socializing among people we know and people we've never met before.

I came across this Inflatable PONGO BONGO Beverage Pong Table that I think would make a great addition to our entertainment and thought I would share it.  Please share if you have other water games that you enjoy.

PONGO BONGO is a floating inflatable game table equipped with 12 cup holders on each side.  Durable thick gauge vinyl construction. Hang it from a ceiling in your game room or tether it to a moored boat or dock with the 4 molded rope holders welded to the sides. When you're done playing, turn it over and use it as a pool float or air mattress.d caption

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