Thursday, April 20, 2017


I just ordered the RAVE WARRIOR 3 PERSON TOW TUBE and I can't wait to put it in the water. This one was chosen out of all the towables out there for a few reasons...

1 - I selfishly wanted to be able to ride it without getting thrown out....
2 - It has a supported back and sit on top seating so I can be comfortable
3 - It can serve as a float once you've anchored in the river/lake
4 - With the third rider in the middle it will be stable with 2 or 3 riders
5 - It is well suited for children who really don't want to be in the water or thrown around

 The adults are going to have just as much fun as the kids on this one.  Here are some my other top choices - I'll try them next.

My Granddaughter wanted this one!
One rider acts as the driver
and the other two sit inside
As you can see..I like the ones
that are versatile for sitting
on top and sitting inside.

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