Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Decorating with Strip/Rope Lights

Decorating with Strip or Rope Lights is my favorite way to add lighting to your walkway or outdoor kitchen area.  It's easy and affordable!

LED Strip Lighting offers the perfect solution to creating energy efficient, stylish task, accent and mood lighting. Strip lights are discreet, flexible and can be mounted virtually anywhere.

Rated with extensive UV protection for outdoors makes these strip LEDs perfect for boating applications as well.

Add one of the optional controllers and produce multiple colors, control brightness and create special effects.

Flexible, waterproof, energy efficient, high intensity, cut to the perfect length...perfect for your auto, boat or outdoor area.

Available in a variety of, warm white, 
red, multi color, they make the perfect addition 
to any area. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Manatees In Florida - Watch Out For Them

Manatees are out and about this weekend so please be cautious and pay attention to the Manatee Zone Signs!

I live on the River just off of the ST JOHNS RIVER and I can't tell you how often I see boaters ignore the Idle Speed and Minimal or No Wake Signs.  Living on the river we have seen the signs off boat injuries first hand and it is not a pleasant sight.  Manatees are up and down our cove daily, some are toting a baby and others are just in groups.  Manatees rarely travel alone so if you see one there are likely more around.


Do we all really know what they mean?

Here are the most common here in Florida:  But what does Idle and Slow speed really mean?

Travel at the LOWEST speed needed
to maintain steering
Travel with your vessel settled in the
water, not plowing, minimum wake
Travel with your vessel settled in
the water, not plowing, minimum
wake - within 50 feet of the shore

If you see a manatee, stop and idle to be sure it is not under or near your prop.  Report sick, dead or injured manatees to your Wildlife Alert - 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Boating Food Designs

I saw these nautical food designs on Pinterest and just loved them.

These will definitely be found on my boat this summer.

Nautical Anchor with Cucumbers. Nautical Theme Food Arrangement. Original Source Unknown. More Fun with Food Coastal & Nautical Style: weed skewersNautical Food: Melon Boats made out of honeydew and salami slices.

Please feel free to share.  Do you have any favorites of yours you can share?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Great Boating Food Ideas

Great Boating Food Ideas

My love of boating and sharing a meal with friends helped me discover these easy tips on making your experience more relaxing.  Organizing a planned event can begin with circulating an email but other times it is somewhat an impromptu excursion.  This is when you appreciate all of these handy ideas!

Easy staples that I keep in my cupboard or refrigerator at home include:
  1. Pasta - Pre-cooked pasta will last for a while in the refrigerator or on ice and makes a great mixer with any seafood or vegetable.
  2. Shrimp - Keep frozen shrimp on hand.  It only takes a few minutes to boil some shrimp and pack them in the cooler.  You can munch on them cold or toss them into your pasta.
  3. Pickles & Olives are great to keep on hand.  Use as they are for your snaking tray or toss the olives in your pasta and shrimp.
  4. Hummus is great as a condiment on a sandwich or as a dip.
  5. Store small small packets of condiments in a zip lock bag in the fridge.  No need to repack, just toss them into your cooler.
  6. Wraps or Pitas go with everything.  Add your veggies, hummus and your shrimp and you have a great lunch or snack.
7. Canned goods like Garbanzo or Black beans, Salsa and tuna make great additions to your pasta or wraps.

Trow in your favorite beverage and you're all set to relax and enjoy!