Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Having A Hard Time Getting Your Boat Interior Clean!

My Fellow Boaters - We all know the struggles with getting our interior clean.  Dirt, dust and suntan lotions tend to work themselves into the interior making it almost impossible to do a quick clean up.

Well - I normally do not promote specific products but I found a product that I just had to share.  SHURHOLD MOLDAWAY was the easiest clean-up I've ever done and it left my interior as good as the day it was delivered to us.

Just look at these pictures and see for yourself.  It comes in a granular that you mix with water.  Spray or wipe on, very little rubbing needed, then rinse away and dry to a sparkling shine.  I always follow up with an interior protector to keep future dirt and dust from penetrating.

This product will be well worth the $15.00 cost and it 
goes a long ways.  Also be sure to order your interior 
protector to be sure your shiny interior stays spic-n-span.

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